4 générations : Jean, Daniel, Baptiste et Jean-Louis Santilly

When Jean Santilly started as a marble setter in 1937, he could not yet imagine how his company would evolve until he mastered the wider activities of undertaker from 1995.  For four generations, Santilly’s know-how and self-management skills has been handed down from father to son.  First Jean, then Daniel and today Jean-Louis and his son, Baptiste, carried on supporting families with simplicity and sincerity.

pastille-80Family Funeral Parlour for 80 years


famille santilly

We have become leaders in funeral services through a humane and efficient approach of our business.

If the requirement is our key word, it’s because the circumstances in which we are called upon require exemplary rigour and availability.  Today, the diversification of our activities allows us to be present at all stages of funeral care.  Starting with families’ reception to whom we pay very special attention and listening at all times.


More than ever, Santilly deserve the trust of hundreds of individuals and professionals. Because we are committed to consider the changes in our society, we adapt to variety of cultures and rituals, to the new ways of life and thinking determining the way families view their loved one’s funeral.

Whatever the motivations, convictions, expectations, we have no other ambition than to offer the best of ourselves to bring serenity and relief at a time when families need as much compassion as professionalism.